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Light and shadows are time true hands

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Want to do something good for yourself and the people you love?

Lisbon, like old Rome, was built across seven hills means nearly every street’s brow affords immensely satisfying views over the city as it slips down towards the river. None more so than from the Castelo São Jorge, reached by a climb through winding ancient streets of Lisbon’s oldest neighbourhood.

We have a passion for discovery

Lisbon is as proud as punch of its role in the Age of Discovery, with the city being the starting place for dozens of exploratory voyages around the globe, including Vasco da Gama’s expedition to India in 1497. Padrão dos Descobrimentos, a large monument on the north bank of the Tagus, celebrates this: it features statues of early navigators peering out to sea, led by Henry the Navigator.

Romance literally embraces you on every street corner here, be it the way the cobbles shimmer like silver after the rain, the plaintive wail of fado song drifting through open shutters in the alley-woven Alfama district, or the pure Atlantic light cascading across the facades of houses in a fresco painter’s palette of colours.

One of the coolest places is called Alfama.

It’s just where we are.

Find our place. And it will uplift your soul. Then you will enjoy the memory of your trip to Lisbon. You will feel happier in the long run.

Seeing my work you just can imbibe our Portuguese values, skills, culture, and the way we look at the environment.

My paintings and memories became an active part of the community.

Visit my small but nice gallery any time and you can really focus on the art and establish a nice personal relationship with us.

In my e-store you can purchase a gift of art. It’s a really nice place and you may take some time for yourself.

My e-store is keen to support my craft and design and gives space to paintings, ceramics, and art reproductions. It’s good for a stroll.

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And Finally.

It’s a great way to share your travel, with your family, and the people you love. And that, believe me does not expire from your memory.

And if you get inspired who knows if you are going to have your artwork hanging on the walls of the National Gallery? ?

A small place, but a great heart.
Thank you !

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The impressions of ink, or twenty-four hours in the life of a day


With my eyes shut, I braced myself and go in. The canvas is waiting in its usual place. We stay together in silence, awaiting the first strokes of the brush, which arrive by nightfall. Reticently they arrive, reserved, skimming the surface, coiling space with cadmium yellow, Mars violet and Venetian blue. Small islands of white are left.

Time breaks the silence and claims the brushes for itself.

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I yield against my will and call upon some books, whose pages drop listlessly one by one. From my chair, I watch the end of the hands’ fight over the work, while the colours, uncaring, follow their path from mind to heart. I don’t know whether I’m finished. I pull the old easel from Casa Ferreira, bent and stiff from pulling and dropping canvas for years on end. On the pallette, I prepare a curd of paints the canvas accepts without deference. I stretch the pain.

No smell nor lymph in this partial finish. I sharpen my senses and apply a fine diluted coat, like rain on a rose bush. The titanium white yells at the indecently spreading red. It watches me like the Renaissance, sideways and casting foul language typical of easel academies and old furniture with pots of flowers. I go all the way to the bottom of the canvas. The brush has become a blade. I’m no longer painting. I’m dissecting. A thousand details that crack and brake like violin strings. They only want to die. I take the canvas from the easel and, lying on the floor I whiten it there and then. I sharpen the brush in the bowl and draft a movement on air. The paints rest on a point without intersection, like playing cards. They live within themselves in a space with no dimension. I lift a tube and squeeze it till it bleeds a blue thread. I’m watched by the light crossing the workshop’s window, eager to get out. I wash away the Winter from the canvas and on it I churn an exuberant green. A round sun, enveloped in acetylene flames, slides from the canvas, runs through the floor by me and heads for the door. With a jump I seize it and pull it inside. This is not England. There are no green meadows outside as an excuse. I bind it to the work and sit down near the children by the wall I’ve painted. We rock our legs to the rhythm of fresh paint. It’s the day going by in this attic of sliding windows, wanting the view of the clothes lines it should have.

My cat claims my company. Tonight we dine together.

Walking and Painting in Frankfurt

See Frankfurt through the eyes of Abel Grade, as he draws inspiration walking and painting.
See the inspirations of his latest paintings.

Painting in Amsterdam

Diving Deep into Van Gogh’s Work

In Van Gogh we see bold, intense colors and very expressive work while the works of Cezanne seemed concerned with structure and Seurat with the systematic use of color dots, pointillism.

In a similar manner in my work I’m trying to learn a way to a different expression path, creating a own feeling and art expression from my personal perspective as an artist.

Peneda-Gerês National Park

Recently I had an inspiring visit to Gerês National Park. Hers are few of memories from that trip.

Light and Circles

While Walking in the Lisbon, I paint embroidered patterns overtaken images with a dream-like surreality. The play between tactile flatness, lines and circles feels to me like a 21st Century Gustav Klimt painting.

A video of my visit to Frankfurt

In this video, take a journey with me, walking and painting in Frankfurt. See how and what inspired my latest paintings Autumn Sunlight and Traffic Lights.

Summer Holidays in the Azores

Getting inspired this Summer in the second most inhabited island in the Azores.


The artwork is beautiful. It truly captures the beauty and essence of Lisbon.
New Jersey, USA
This is beautiful art and we are very very happy.
Avon & Philip
New Zealand

We are american and love to find art from local artists when we travel. We stumbled upon Abel when visiting Lisbon and absolutely loved his ceramic work. We can’t wait to put it on the wall back home!

Thank you Abel!

Hunter & Chrissy
United States

We are american and love to find art from local artists when we travel. We stumbled upon Abel when visiting Lisbon and absolutely loved his ceramic work. We can’t wait to put it on the wall back home!

Thank you Abel!

Hunter & Chrissy
United States

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