A Casualistic Provisional (Painting) Explanation

My light spot paintings — some with small dots about the size a point, others 30 inches across — just looking for a certain anonymous energy and vibration. But since my first light spot paintings appeared, in the mid-1990’s something of a mystery has grown: just how many are there? I painted the first few dozen.

Nowadays I don’t count them all. Just became known for my self-promoting style as for my work since 2008 when I bypassed dealers, curators and some art galleries, with auctions of my pieces in my own exhibitions.

While Walking in the Lisbon, I paint embroidered patterns overtaken images with a dream-like surreality. The play between tactile flatness, lines and circles feels to me like a 21st Century Gustav Klimt painting.

That’s why in my paintings I feel, I owe a debt to each of these artists, like Kandinsky, Mondrian, Miró, Ben Nicholson, Pollock, and others, both for the ways they sought freedom in their modes of expression and for the ways they helped me to open my mind to new ways of seeing.

Abstraction continues to open new doors as we try to comprehend the endless complexities our evolving society presents us with. I don’t care at all if it looks like a photo, a collage, a digital photoshopped creation, as some may appear or looked like. If a middle figurative or abstract expression vocabulary can provide a timely reinvigoration of the expression of my individual concerns, that should be all the ambition I need in a painting. 

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