Abel in Amsterdam
Abel In Amsterdam

Diving Deep into Van Gogh’s Work

As a Post impressionist Van Gogh was “colourized” by French painters such as Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Georges Seurat. We saw him as one who tried to paint in a different mood despite the fact he never heard the term “post impressionist” or used it himself.

In Van Gogh we see bold, intense colors and very expressive work while the works of Cezanne seemed concerned with structure and Seurat with the systematic use of color dots, pointillism.

In a similar manner in my work I’m trying to learn a way to a different expression path, creating a own feeling and art expression from my personal perspective as an artist.

Van Gogh was familiar with and shaped by the Impressionism movement but did not ascribe to the movement and took his paintings in different directions breaking away from the naturalism used by impressionists.

One of my teachers used to say, that we are not looking to be an exquisite painter, or a perfect illustrator, but just reflect the world in our own way, path and finally get our own particular expression, a honest YOU-self.

As the post-impressionism painters that they also stressed their personal view of the visual world and had a freely expressive use of color and form to describe emotions and movement.

van Gogh Museum
Visiting the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Just arrived, and the first impression is about the careful arrangement of the artworks and the time and energy spent on the design that allows us to really get an in-depth understanding of the artist.


Imagine Van Gogh visiting his own museum. Probably he would like to experience the moment with his close brother Theo.

Some thing like this letter he wrote in 1873

My dear Theo,
I share this highlight…
… The Musée Goupil & Cie photos we sell only en papillottes, around 100 a day on average. I imagine you’ll like working in the gallery in The Hague, once you’ve got used to it a little. I don’t doubt that your lodgings at the Rooses’ will be to your liking. You should walk a lot if you can find the time. Bid a very good-day from me to all the Rooses.
You must write and tell me which painters you like best, both the old and the new, you must be sure to do this, I’m curious to know.
You must in any case go to the museum often, it’s good to be acquainted with the old painters, too, and if you get the chance read about art, and especially magazines about art, the Gazette des Beaux-Arts &c.
When there’s an opportunity I’ll send you a book by Bürger about the museums of The Hague and Amsterdam; when you’ve finished it there will be an opportunity to send it back to me.

Vincent van Gogh’s – Landscape with a Church at Twilight

Landscape with a Church at Twilight

Van Goh was cleaning the brushes and went to lunch.
Thinking about this painting… Is it really done, what perspective should he underline. Is the chateau well done? Artists experience those crucial moments.. You never got a sense of total satisfaction of work finished. Leave the painting, but still have to bear the distress.

We keeping going at paintings because, we pursue the perfect and impossible painting. Brushing, cleaning, drawing what seems improbable, and after, an extra effort we summon the will, and our “perfect” work happens.

We paint with our minds, not with brushes. Time is the artist’s greatest enemy. I have to agree that time and unexpected events overtake them all. I realize the endless work to do, yet the days are too short for all the painting to paint, all the colours to blend, all the places to draw.

Traveling to Zaanse Schans to finish – ”The lightning wind mill”

Working on “The lightning Windmill “ in the atelier

In Amsterdam, the Venice of the North, having a nice meal at Moeders Restaurant!

The Final Result

Windmill 150x100cm - Acrylic on canvas. Available
150x100cm – Acrylic on canvas. Available

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