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Ulysses Lisbon is the smallest of Cocktail Speakeasy Bars with the largest of selections. Located in the second oldest neighbourhood of Europe in Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal.

Millennium ago, the land of Ulisseia, and the Serpent queen, Offiusa, who fell in love with her Hero, a legend, Ulysses.

And here it begins, the name of Ulysses from its ancient hero and Love story. She waited for her Hero to come back.

Today, Ulysses is born in epic proportions on its own, “the Waiting” for all to visit and experience classical cocktails, while meeting others from all corners of our world today. Sharing of experiences and where new friends are found.

Abel Grade, a renowned artist whose art Gallery in midst of history in Alfama, has created the mood and ambiance of Ulysses Lisbon beautifully in this painting now proudly at Ulysses Lisbon. Abel has mastered the heart, the warmth, the passion, the soul on canvass. Mirroring the setting and the uniqueness of Ulysses, eliciting inner emotions as the “The Waiting” mesmerizes as it draws you to it for long moments. You can’t resist it’s magic and wonderful warmth it radiates. Such a powerful feeling coming from a master piece created by Abel.

The Waiting” a one of a kind art work that depicts the rare experiences and mood felt inside Ulysses Lisbon Speakeasy. Stare endlessly into this one of a kind art work while enjoying a classical drink and sharing moments together with fellow guests.

As USA Today 10 best notes: “Ulysses quite simply one of the most extraordinary bars.” It truly is a place where one feels the soul of the Golden era of cocktails. It welcomes you to History and explores a different sensory experience for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Warm, passionate, historic, classical evening to experience by all.

“The Waiting” at Ulysses Lisbon awaits to uplift your soul and welcomes you to History.

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